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"Rifugio" is Italian for "shelter" but usually refers to "mountain hut".

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An essential step when planning a trek is finding and booking rifugios (Italian for “mountain huts” or “mountain refuges”) in advance. Rifugios dot net is a user-friendly, advanced site designed by a group of hiking enthusiasts to make it extremely easy for you to do so. Our constantly expanding range of unique tools and services help you discover and reserve a place at rifugios along the most famous trekking routes around the world, such as Alta Via 1 and Tour du Mont Blanc. For each trek, we provide a general description of the route as well as an interactive map with the rifugios along its path, thereby placing all the information you need about each rifugio at your fingertips and in one place — from contact details, to pictures, features and more. We understand the importance of well-planned routes and of saving time and effort and are dedicated to making sure that your adventure is as seamless and unforgettable as it should be!


All the following keywords have basically the same meaning, when it comes to mountain huts:
Italian: Rifugio, Rifugi (plural), Rifugios (plural - less formal)
English: Refuge, Hut, Shelter
French: Auberge, Gîte
Swiss: Chalet